REO Certification

Hello Agents,
Congratulations… You completed the RES.NET REO Certification Course yesterday and passed the test!

Attached (right click and save) is the RES.NET Certified Agent Logo that you can use for emails, flyers, marketing pieces, websites, ETC. Please consider this logo as your certificate and this email as proof that you have taken and passed the course. As a courtesy and good gesture, we do not require you to re-take the Certification Course year after year. At time of membership renewal, please forward this email to the Training Department to ensure that the Certification is current on your profile. We stopped issuing Certificates of Completion due to issues with authenticity and will not be issuing them until further notice. To reiterate, we WILL NOT be issuing a Certificate of Completion.

Over the next week, our IT Department will place the Certification Star in your agent profile that is ONLY visible to Asset Managers. The Certification Star alerts the Asset Manager that you are a trained, qualified agent ready to work! To reiterate, the Certification Star is ONLY visible to Asset Managers.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Training Department. Thank you for being such a huge part in the success of RES.NET. You’re business is very much appreciated!

RES.NET Trainer
Main: (949) 598-9920


Benchmark Properties LLC